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Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets Rivalry

The world of professional sports is filled up with formidable teams who train hard with one pPhiladelphia_Philliesurpose in mind; to win the next championship game and give their fans something to cheer about. Somewhere during their determination to be the best and dominate their regions rankings; an opponent comes along who is skilled on an equal level. An opponent who gives them a run for their money and winning against them no matter what becomes the only aim. The game doesn’t stay a game and turns into a war where the winner gets bragging rights. That is the birth point of a rivalry.

Several long standing rivalries can be found in the professional sports world. Some would say the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry is the biggest in the Major League Baseball, but there is another rivalry which is famous and chaotic on an equal level. The Philadelphia Phillies – New York Mets rivalry.

Phillies and Mets have been battling each other for over half a century now. For Phillies fans, games against powerhouse rivals Mets are nothing short of World War II which requires their support to be won. Diehard Phillies fans like me purchase Philadelphia Phillies Tickets days in advance from TicketVistasto ensure a presence at the Citizens Bank Ballpark to cheer our favorite team to victory against the Mets.

The two National League’s East Division rivals frequently play against each other during baseball season and games between these two popular teams are eagerly awaited. The first brawl between the Phillies and the Mets took place on August 27th1962, and since then the arch rivals have encountered each other on the diamond a staggering 858 times with the Phillies leading with 463 wins. Ironically both rivals share an equal number of winning streak against each other which is 10 wins each.phillies-mets-rivalry

The Phillies – Mets rivalry has intensified in the recent years especially after the 2006 season. The teams frequently tear up the ballpark while playing against each other for a spot on the playoffs.The Mets won the division in 2006, while the Phillies won five consecutive division titles from 2007–11. The Phillies 2007 championship was won on the last day of the season as the Mets lost a seven-game lead with seventeen games remaining. The Phillies broke the Curse of Billy Penn to win the 2008 World Series, while the Mets’ last title came in the 1986 World Series.

I can’t wait for the Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Season to begin. I’m pretty sure the Titans will clash again and I’ll be standing with the Phillies through thick and thin.

Go Phillies!


Arizona Diamondbacks Sign a Two Year Deal with Pitcher Brandon McCarthy

Transfer Deal

arizona_diamondbacks-92611Arizona Diamondbacks have signed another player to kick off their new season. In their latest effort to strengthen their squad, the powerhouse Major League Baseball Team has signed a two-year deal with Pitcher Brandon McCarthy. The deal is rumored to stand at a whopping US$15.5 million and will surely be a big pay day for the 29 year old player subject to his physical.

Brandon McCarthy

The right handed starter McCarthy made his professional debut at 22 years of age with the Boston White Sox in a game against Chicago Cubs. McCarthy played several temporary spots before he was awarded a permanent spot on the team the following year as a reliever.In late 2006 McCarthy was traded to the Texans Rangers along with teammate David Paisano. His first full season withbrandon-mccarthy-icon-t the Rangers was plagued with injuries most notably a dislocated shoulder blade that kept him away from the action for nearly two months. His bad luck continued when the Pitcher developed an inflammation in his right elbow during spring training sessions and as a result had to sit out most of the 2008 season.In December 2010 Brandon McCarthy signed with Oakland Athletics as a free agent. McCarthy focused his attention on his throwing mechanics and his hard work paid off when he had his most successful professional season when he pitched 25 games with 5 full games. He expanded his already devastating arsenal with 2 fast balls and a cutter which helped improve his ground ball percentage and season stats. The pitcher concluded that season with the lowest FIP among starters of the American League.McCarthy had to encounter one of the scariest injuries of the 2012 season when a line drive by Erick Aybar struck him on the head and fractured his skull. The injury resulted in a brain contusion and a hemorrhage. Fortunately the player was able to make a full recovery and will join former Oakland teammate Trevor Cahill in Arizona. The Pitcher will be the fourth starter for the Diamondbacks behind Cahill, Miley and Kennedy.Sports analysts are already calling this a blockbuster deal citing the depth McCarthy will bring to the starting rotation and believe that recovery of Pitcher Daniel Hudson can potentially put Diamondbacks in a position to start trading starting pitchers.

Justin Upton

If the rumors are to be believed Diamondbacks Right Fielder Justin Upton might get traded off justin-uptonthis season. At 25 years of age the talented player has already had several injuries especially to his right shoulder. His career stats dropped last season and he finished with .280 hitting and 17 home runs, and 671 RBI with a .785 OPS. The player sat out most of the 2010 season after he suffered a partial tear of the labrum in his left shoulder. However, his remaining contract which spans another two years will bag him US$28.75 million which is double the amount he made in the 2012 season.The Diamondbacks are surely making some moves and their aim is to add another World Series Title to their credit. Thanks to their explosive offensive tactics the team has developed a huge fan-base that goes in frenzy every time popular website TicketVistas starts selling discounted Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets. Only time will tell what the future holds for the D-backs.